Friday, May 10, 2013


I took a break this evening and watched an episode of the 1966-68 Batman television series: "The Joker is Wild", from January 26th, 1966, is the first episode to feature "the Crown Prince of Crime" -- actually, it is part one of a two-parter (all stories in the show's first year were aired weekly in two half-hour installments). Part two is called "Batman is Riled". Cute, eh?

Anyway, while "The Joker is Wild" has no lack of funny moments, my single favourite would be from a few minutes in: Joker is pitcher in a friendly game of prison softball when he suddenly ejects and escapes from the grounds by way of a giant coiled spring (still frame above); a couple of scenes later Commissioner Gordon picks a report up from his desk, looks it over, and as he walks it over to Batman he says...

"A gigantic coil spring secretly fashioned in the prison machine shop."

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