Sunday, May 19, 2013


My favourite (major) film studio logo, without question, is the one for RKO Radio Pictures: The audio consists of a Morse Code signal; the picture is a radio tower on a rotating globe, with animation of 'zaps' and radiating circular waves. Anyone over a certain age -- whatever that would be -- does not need my description. The short piece contains an importance, an urgency. This ain't no ordinary movie you are about to see.

I'll watch King Kong and Citizen Kane, for example, just to see the Radio Pictures identification, but since those two movies happen to be so great, I'll stick around for the feature. (I love it when things work out that way.)

Did you know, and it's a great movie-trivia question, that "RKO" is an acronym for "Radio-Keith-Orpheum"?

End Title.

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