Friday, May 10, 2013


Recognize that venue in the photo? Doesn't look like the ACC, now does it? The ice looks kinda green.

Well, research has shown that historically (the last 46 years; "ouch") you guys are a better match with a golf course than an ice hockey rink.

Tonight is your last game of 2012-2013  -- admittedly, and as many sports writers predicted, you made the playoffs this year with more than a little help from the truncated season -- so sage advice would be to prep your caddies, give them the heads-up, in case they do not know, and prepare for tomorrow.

(In case I'm wrong in my bold prediction that the Toronto Maple Leafs will be eliminated by the Bruins in Boston tonight, I will accept defeat, and promise to maintain this posting even if it dares to reveal that even I can be wrong sometimes. I will get bolder: Bruins 3 - Leafs 2.)

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