Saturday, May 18, 2013


A friend emailed me this afternoon with the news that he saw Star Trek Into Darkness this afternoon. His notes were succinct and to the point. I liked his subject line...

"Wrath of Kh... I mean, Into Darkness."

He enjoyed the film but, no, there is, contrary to some unreliable reports, absolutely no sign of "Gary Mitchell" in this one. What that means is that a certain friend of mine will pass on seeing Into Darkness as he was looking forward to it if the 'mysterious unknown character' were to be Mitchell (and a great character he was).

"Khan Noonien Singh" was great, too. No kidding. Ricardo Montalban was superb in the role (even in the slightly more cartoony take in The Wrath of Khan). He was charismatic, magnetic, and sexy as all heck as the super-man who once ruled over more than a quarter of the Earth during the "Eugenics Wars" of the 1990s. Awesome character (but let's put 'im to bed).

As I've said before, here on this blog, I don't care to journey into a screening of Star Trek Into Darkness.

Besides, I'm going through a "No Wave Cinema" phase right now. Next: Filmmaker Celine Danhier's 2010 documentary film on that movement, Blank City.

Khan, hopefully, is leaving us for good. No more; please.

Go back to your cryogenic sleep chamber, and drift in space, forever....


DonaldAR said...

No comment. :)

Barry Smight said...

Okay, funny guy; I see what you're getting at.

Thanks for the no comment.