Sunday, May 26, 2013


Doug Ford, family man.

A friend asked me yesterday if I had read "today's" Globe and Mail newspaper. I had not; "I didn't do my usual morning newspaper rounds".

He told me that the Globe and Mail had spent 18 months investigating Toronto's premiere Ford family and their (alleged) history in drug dealing. My reaction was a simple "wow".

When I got home I popped on the Internet Machine...

"Globe investigation: The Ford family's history with drug dealing" - by Greg McArthur and Shannon Kari

It's quite the article; typical of the Globe's in-depth reportage. A heads-up: Rob Ford, he of Current Crack Cocaine Controversy (Toronto), and current mayor of Toronto, is a bit-player in this story.

I later said to my friend, "it will be interesting to see what the fall-out will be".

Well, we did not have to wait for long: Doug Ford, spokesman for the merry clan, which includes brother Randy, is not taking this sitting down...

From a real newspaper, the Globe and Mail:

And an un-real newspaper, the Toronto Sun:

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