Saturday, May 11, 2013


While working away at home last evening I made a point to go online to check the score between the Boston Bruins and the Toronto Maple Leafs: "Toronto 2 - Boston 0" in the third period. Knowing that I predicted in my posting yesterday (GO LEAFS! TO THE GOLF COURSE!) the final score of "Boston 3 - Toronto 2", and that there was still about half of the third period to go in the game, I thought, "no prob... the Bruins will come back with three goals... therefore, 'Boston 3 - Toronto 2' ".

After I realized the game must have been pretty well done, late last night I checked the final score: "Toronto 2 - Boston 1"

Congrats to the Maple Leafs for winning the game, and for making me look like the cheapjack, two-bit, run-down-motel-bar-dwelling fool that I am.

Tomorrow, Sunday, May 12th, the Leafs host the Bruins at the ACC (Air Canada Centre). Here we go: "Boston 5 - Toronto 3"

"Hey, Mac... pour me another... I might really need this one...."

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