Sunday, May 19, 2013


Do you remember I said that I had finished talking about Star Trek's shuttlecraft "Galileo"? (here)

"I lied."

Affixed below is a photograph of the 'miniature' (a foot and a bit in length) version of the famous little vessel on the bluescreen stage at Film Effects of Hollywood.

By the way, the late Linwood Dunn, optical printer developer, and key optical effects man on King Kong (1933), was the owner of Film Effects.

Back in 1978, the incomparable Elwy Yost of TVO's Saturday Night at the Movies visited Dunn at the Film Effects facility. The interview took place in the studio proper, the two men sitting in chairs, and after the subject of Star Trek came up the effects maestro pointed off-screen and said to Elwy, "... the Enterprise sat in front of that screen right over there".

Man, I love this stuff! (Can you tell?)

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