Thursday, May 16, 2013


The "Life" section in today's Toronto Star has a Trek-themed story which may appeal to us hard-drinking Trekkers.

Three Albertan men -- Dr. Richard Weger, Paul Carreau, and Vern Raincock -- were drinking beer and talking about Star Trek ("a wonderful show") and thought that it needed an alcoholic sequel: Which ultimately became "Vulcan Ale"; its slogan is "Mind Melding Good". ("Mind Melding Goodness", or "Mind Meldingly Good", sounds better perhaps.)

One thing led to another and the fans-with-a-cool-plan struck a deal with CBS/Paramount Consumer Products.

"Vulcan Ale" is scheduled to have its official lift-off this week (May 17th), and although it's available in some locations in Alberta and British Columbia, the across Canada roll-out is planned for early next year.

The Toronto Star article describes the drink as a "hand-crafted Irish Red Ale" (5.4 percent alcohol). Which reminds me to ask: What happens when you mix an Irishman and a Vulcan? I don't know, but it sounds like a plan....

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