Thursday, September 19, 2013


There was a cute little ice-cream and coffee place on Bathurst Street, just south of Dupont Street, here in Toronto. I had been in there several times to grab coffee.

Just this morning I learned that Madeleine's Cherry Pie and Ice Cream closed its doors back in July. This was sad news to me in that I always find it sad when a small business goes under.

However, I'm not really surprised that this store closed: The food was way overpriced and came in tiny portions (although the coffee was reasonably priced and came in good portions); the owner was unpleasant much of the time (not a good way to be when you are trying to welcome the public and build a customer base); and, plain and simple, the location was a bad one. That part of Bathurst is a sort of 'dead zone' for small businesses... many have come and gone over the years, unable to keep the traffic coming through the doors. I know people who've lived near that intersection (Bathurst and Dupont) and they've told me that they "never go that way", that they always gravitate towards Bloor Street (an eight-to-ten minute walk).

Speaking of Bloor Street, specifically the section between Bathurst and Spadina, that's exactly where Madeleine's should have been located. Rent's are a lot higher, to put it mildly, but there is a constant flow of foot-traffic -- feet looking to grab a nice ice cream or pie, even if they are way too expensive for what you get.

Whenever I was in the store, often there was hardly another soul; sitting, or as a walk-in.


Greg Woods said...

Another one bites the dust.... going bye bye the way of Abba-Zappa and Triskelion Books. Thank goodness for Vesta Lunch.

Barry Smight said...

Wow. You know that area very well.

Vesta Lunch is awesome, even though I've been in there perhaps five times in many years; I had breaky with two friends there at 3 a.m.

The Triskelion story is quite sad: they moved further south on Bathurst, a little north of Bloor Street... then it closed its doors not too long after. The new digs were even smaller than the old location. That whole market has changed; as you know.

Thanks for the comment!

Greg Woods said...

Interesting! I didn't know that Triskelion had moved temporarily... was it around by the subway?

Barry Smight said...

Yeah, west side; around Barton Avenue, if I remember correctly.