Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Yes, a monster... I mean: Yes, two important things I learned today...

* I had not realized until reading a few pages of Andy Rooney's book "Years of Minutes" that former U.S. President Bill Clinton's birth name was "William Jefferson Blythe (the fourth)". His father died before William was born, and when his mother married a man by the name of Roger Clinton, Bill Clinton, future President of the United States of America, was born.

* I had long wondered why Bryan Johnson was not in Kevin Smith's movie Clerks, even though they'd been buddies for a few years before that movie's shoot in March of 1993. Answer: After Smith returned from the Vancouver Film School he and Johnson had a falling out (but made up later).

Now, all I have to learn is why hot water sometimes comes out of the cold water taps -- this curious phenomena occurs at my current apartment, and it used to happen at my previous "place". Maybe Toronto, at least this part of Toronto ("The Annex"), is in some continuum where normal physical laws don't always apply. "E-Space"? No, "A-Space".

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