Friday, September 27, 2013


Earlier in the week I watched Morgan Spurlock's 2011 documentary Comic Con Episode IV: A Fan's Hope, a fine and fun look at the San Diego-based Comic Con (2010 edition) and several fans who make a point to attend with their enthusiasm and, in some cases, their wares.

The day after watching the doc I did my usual quick research on the film of the moment. Harry Knowles was one of the its interview subjects; no surprise, after all he is one of the key figures in pop geekdom. I read up on King Geek himself and learned the unfortunate news that his popular and trend-setting website "Ain't It Cool News" ain't so popular anymore, was heavily in debt, and was very close to closing a few months ago.

An in-depth and absorbing story by The Hollywood Reporter...

Ain't It Cool's Harry Knowles: The Cash-Strapped King of the Nerds Plots a Comeback

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