Thursday, September 26, 2013


The Globe and Mail newspaper online had some sad news.

When I saw the headline "Veteran Loblaws pitchman dies at 73" on the top page I thought, "no, they don't mean Dave Nichol..."

Like many Canadians of a minimum age -- old enough to remember the early-mid 1970s -- I remember when Dave Nichol took over from starship captain William Shatner, who had been doing the Loblaws television commercials for a couple of years and excelling in the centre seat.

"Who's this guy?" was my utterance upon first seeing a Loblaws commercial sans the captain. Well, we got used to him very quickly and Mr. Nichol became synonymous with the grocery chain -- he had taken over as president back in 1972; his main edict: turn things (business) around.

For non-Canadians, and Canucks too young to know, David Nichol sent Loblaws to the stars.

Veteran Loblaw pitchman Dave Nichol dies at age 73


Greg Woods said...

...and he in turn sent my mother to the unemployment line.

Barry Smight said...

Oh, I'm sorry to hear that. Yep, part of 'turning things around', profit wise, is to streamline operations. It's an old trick. And, of course, the shareholders never cut back.

Thanks for the sobering comment.