Monday, September 2, 2013


... Speaking of YTV (yesterday, here), while I was reading up on the CNE (Canadian National Exhibition) Airshow this morning I noticed a sidebar link to "Awesome Things About Growing Up With YTV".

Written by Lauren Strapagiel, a news editor for, the article overviews in list form 25 reasons why YTV resonated for her as she was growing up. Here are some shows mentioned...

* ReBoot
* Breaker High
* Are You Afraid of the Dark?
* Animorphs
* PJ Katie's Farm
* Are You Being Served?

I watched bits and pieces of Reboot since it was a revolutionary program, of sorts (computer animation for television), and, of course, the British classic Are You Being Served? (although I watched it on PBS, not on YTV).

To someone in middle age (me) memories like Ms. Strapagiel's seem odd; with the exception of Are You Being Served?, the shows are all too recent....

Canadian TV
25 reasons why growing up with YTV was awesome

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