Monday, September 16, 2013


Canadian airman Ted Bates.

Fresh water preserves bodies much better than does salt water, much to the surprise of many.

Back in December of 1940 two airmen died when their Northrop Nomad aircraft collided with another during a search-and-rescue mission. In 2010 the bodies of Peter Campbell, 24, of Great Britain and Canadian Ted Bates, 27, were discovered along with the broken-up plane in Lake Muskoka by OPP (Ontario Provincial Police) divers. Finally, in October of last year the bodies were recovered; and on Tuesday (tomorrow), they will be buried in Guelph, Ontario.

Campbell and Bates were part of a search looking for Leading Aircraftsman Clayton Peder Hoptonan, who had gone missing the day before during a training flight from CFB Borden.

Many men, and women, were lost during non-combat operations during WW2. Their deaths are no less tragic.

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