Sunday, September 1, 2013


Twenty-five years ago today, YTV premiered here in Canada. The one show I remember watching in the first few days and weeks on that channel was Wojeck (1966 - 1968). That bit of scheduling surprised me since that series, as outstanding as it is, was scheduled on a network aimed at young people. (No, I was no longer a "young people", even in September of 1988.) I should mention that Wojeck was very adult in its timbre; as would be expected with a show about a city coroner. (Steve Wojeck was based loosely on the career of Dr. Morton Shulman. I used to watch the fiery Shulman's public affairs program on CITY-TV back in the 1970s.)

In September of 1989 YTV started running the earliest Doctor Who episodes (1963); and Space: 1999, although the network jumped right into Year Two, totally bypassing Year One -- hey, they didn't want to bore their audience, who in kind could give YTV low ratings. I caught some of the Space episodes, but almost addictively watched Doctor Who.

I had not realized that John Candy appeared in the opening ceremonies...
YTV celebrates 25 years on Sept. 1

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