Sunday, August 24, 2014


Last night, on BBC One, a new "Doctor" took over the controls of the Tardis. Peter Capaldi's name was mentioned a full year ago, but fans in the U.K. only now got to see his first episode as the famous Time Lord.

Naturally fans are directly comparing him to Matt Smith, the previous tenant of the Tardis, and they are cautiously optimistic. (This is the standard, ever since Patrick Troughton took over from the first doc, William Hartnell, back in 1966.)

I would compare Capaldi most directly against Christopher Eccleston, the first Doctor of the rebooted series, as I have rarely watched Doctor Who since his series. The CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) here in Canada premiered the new take in March of 2005. The overabundance of visual effects was to be expected, but Eccleston was interesting enough as an actor for me to keep watching every week. (I should not forget to mention Billie Piper; not only did she enjoy good chemistry with her Guv, but she was electric as "Rose Tyler".)

David Tennant? Who's he? Oh, I had forgotten about him....

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