Thursday, August 21, 2014


A U.K. company, Reaction Engines, is in the process of developing a new aero engine (the "Sabre") that could be used to help propel a passenger aircraft at Mach 5...

UK project brings us a step closer to ultra high-speed air travel - along with simpler satellite deployment
Development is well underway for a new type of engine that could revolutionize high-speed air travel - making the supersonic Concorde of old look like a slowpoke. A derivative of that engine can also switch to a rocket mode, meaning it could be used to deliver satellites to orbit.

When I saw the picture accompanying the Toronto Star article above I immediately thought about the super-speed airliner from the old television series, Thunderbirds.

"Fireflash" was featured in two episodes:  "Trapped in the Sky" (the series premiere), and "Operation Crash-Dive".

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