Monday, August 4, 2014


Extreme summer temperatures are something I don't like. Does anyone? The summer here in Toronto has been perfect thus far. No complaints from me. (Just like the summer of 1992.)

What occurred to me while conversing with a friend on the weekend, is that we are now into August; the month where night-time temps tend to cool off, producing many of those "perfect for sleeping" conditions. Maybe that's more the case with the end part of August, although, in no time at all, it'll be in our faces. And it will taunt us: "Come on, big shot. You wanna pass? I dare ya! Make a move." There's no choice for me but to respond: "Pardon me, sir. Your own perviousness demands I pass, for I'm answering in summons to a great, irresistible force. It is written; you are but a footnote in my destiny." August: "Oh, yeah... crap!"

Speaking of temperatures, Toronto's ice storm was in December; that was over seven months ago! I've noticed in the evenings that the sky is getting darker, sooner.

Where is the year going?!

Sorry, folks, as I write this I'm being smacked with nuggets of sobriety. It may drive me to drink.

On a more positive note, I "entertained" a friend's cats on the weekend. That will be the subject of my next posting... later today.

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