Wednesday, August 20, 2014


For a few years I worked in downtown Toronto, and I would regularly travel on the TTC (Toronto Transit Commission) subway train through "Union" station; or "Onion" station, as I call it. It was a skin-thin subway station, to be sure. You would not want to have your back to the railway tracks if you were going to sneeze. The blast off the facing wall would push you off the platform; that narrow it was... until the big change. My work takes me away from the downtown these days, so this transportation enthusiast will have to make a special trip -- not a problem -- to check out the new "Union" platform.

Christopher Hume, of the Toronto Star, has shared his impressions about the fix...

TTC remake brings Union Station to life: Hume
Though incomplete, the newly renovated Union Station brings space and light to Canada's busiest transportation hub.

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