Thursday, August 28, 2014


Maybe the headline says it all; but I will explain.

I went out for a stroll along Bloor Street, between Spadina and Bathurst, here in Toronto last night and noticed the large volume of other strollers. Then it hit me: "Of course, the students are back."

This long-time "Annex" resident uses this sudden population spike to mark the end of summer; perhaps even more than the start of "The Ex" (The Canadian National Exhibition).

While I will not deride the influx of students, after all I was one, there is a marked increase of people in my local coffee shop and diner making it more difficult to find a seat, especially when you are with one or more friends.

Hey, the University of Toronto -- and Ryerson University, and George Brown College -- are supplying those degree and diploma graduates all important to our future. You certainly need one these days; and "it" will only get worse.

Welcome back! Oh, you'll find "The Maddy" over there... and here.

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