Saturday, August 16, 2014


Some great force demanded I look up the website for Toronto's The Grid magazine. When I did the standard online search the top hit was just what I was looking for, so I clicked. As the search-results page was ready to be yanked from my computer screen my eye caught another hit; it said something like, "The Grid ceases publication". "What? Go back!"

The Grid magazine is no more. It has folded publication after three years. I'm not surprised, actually, since the free-give-away paper struck me as not knowing what it was trying to do. There was a lot of articles about food -- which is fine in itself but Toronto Life magazine covers that territory very well even though it's not a free publication -- a smattering of bits on politics and music, not to forget "dating" stories, but there seemed to me to be a lack of focus.

I did not feel compelled to pick up a copy of The Grid every week as I did with its predecessor, Eye Magazine.

The good thing about The Grid was a total lack of sexual-services adverts; although, this no doubt hurt the advertising revenues, which was the reason it tanked, as noted by the Globe and Mail newspaper...

Free weekly news magazine The Grid folds operations

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