Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Dear, dear Faithful Readers,

My life has gotten busy, especially considering my own low standards. Distractions come in the form of personal projects and a demanding freelance work schedule combined with regular job hunting. In simple terms I'm not so sure I can continue with this blog. The first inclination was to scale back my postings, but after some deliberation I've decided that better to archive what I have written since the summer of 2007 than to promise postings that might never come.

Over the years I have received much support, and kudos; the most common noting appreciation for my `temperament`. It became obvious to me that some people enjoy my feisty postings over the neutral ones -- I won`t argue with that. P & V comes more naturally to me than do even-handedness and placidity.

Please believe me when I say that this decision was made with much regret.

It was a slice!

Best Wishes,

Barry F. Smight


Tibor said...

Can we at least expect Barry's insight on major news/cultural events as they happen?!?

Barry Smight said...

I found out that some people think that I have terminated this blog. It was an April Fools joke, as I detailed here...