Saturday, April 5, 2014


Terry Nation is well known in these geek parts because he, along with ace BBC designer Raymond Cusick, created Doctor Who's evil Daleks.

His affiliation with telefantasy did not stop there. In 1974 he created Survivors, a post- (you know what's coming, don't you?) -apocalyptic story set in 1970s Great Britain. And in the mid 'seventies Nation initiated the outer space series Blake's 7. It was during a BBC meeting in 1975 that he was asked about any ideas he had for a new series. According to Nation he blurted out "Blake's 7", without consideration. He claimed that he didn't know where the title came from... it just happened. It sounds believable.

Back on March 18th I posted a bit on Blake's actor Paul Darrow (here); he was interviewed on San Jose, California, PBS station KTEH in 1987 where he explains his characterization of "Avon". Here is another video from KTEH that was taped that same year: This time around the guest is Terry Nation; he explains his reasoning on and for Blake's 7. To borrow a line from another fabulous SF television series, "Fascinating!"

Terry Nation (Doctor Who Blake's 7) Interview KTEH Part 1

Terry Nation (Doctor Who Blake's 7) Interview KTEH Part 2

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