Monday, April 7, 2014


Quebec Liberal Party Leader Philippe Couillard and his wife Suzanne Pilote.

About thirty minutes ago I checked the Toronto Star website to catch up on the news: Stunning news that the Quebec Liberals crushed the Parti Québécois (and its loudmouth leader, Pauline Marois) in today's provincial election.

Not so stunning, to me, is that while Toronto's three major dailies all give this game-changing news front and center on their respective websites, at the time of this writing, the fourth-rate Toronto Sun has the bit half way down the page and in a small flash. I guess it pains them to admit that a Liberal party of any kind can clean-up.

The real news, from the Toronto Star...

Quebec Liberals win upset over Parti Québécois
Phillippe Couillard’s Quebec Liberals have won a stunning election upset, trouncing the Parti Québécois to win a majority government.

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