Monday, April 14, 2014


Back on April 11th I posted a bit (click) on my plans to self-publish a "Barry Smight" book. My reasoning for deciding to expand the BS universe is simply because POD (print on demand) book publishing is affordable and technically fine.

Originally I wanted to put my 'top' blog postings into book form, with some added stuff, of course, but after giving it some thought over a potent coffee I latched onto the idea of writing something original; expressly for the book. My rationale for this small course correction is due in part to the ubiquitous 'smart phone'. It is true that lots of folk do not have these devices, but the idea of printing a book consisting solely of pieces available on the Barry Smight blog did not sit well with me the more I thought about it. Why not make the print version more interesting than just hard-copying existing html? Having said that, I will print several of my top blog posts -- whatever "top" means -- and perhaps comment on them. (It would be too easy to output the postings with the most hits.)

Oh, no: I'm starting to think that maybe the book should simply be an edition of my blog postings. Isn't creativity fun?

Whatever course I chart I'll keep it a surprise... except the tentative title: Barry Smight Speaks - And Won't Shut Up!


Greg Woods said...

In any case, make sure you hire an editor.

Barry Smight said...

Thank you!

Always hire an editor; I have someone lined-up.