Tuesday, April 1, 2014


How can a big Kraftwerk fan such as myself have no idea that they were at the Sony Centre in Toronto this past weekend? On Sunday evening while I took a ten minute break I scanned the news headlines and saw this...

Kraftwerk delights the faithful at Sony Centre
If this is Kraftwerk’s final live hurrah in Toronto, they’ve left on a triumphant note.

The headline was enough to depress me -- simply because one certain "faithful" was not there -- but when I read the point about this concert being the sterne band's "final live hurrah in Toronto", well, Napoleon never knew such disappointment.

A quick remedy was to pop out my Kraftwerk albums and give them a spin!

"Neon Lights", indeed!

It`s a good thing I do not live in Deutschland: The "Autobahn" would have been too tempting....


Tibor said...

I tried to get tickets but they sold out....scalpers were selling for $400 each! A friend went after getting them for $40 each from some online scalper.

Barry Smight said...

What bugs me, a little, is the fact I never knew they were in town.

I'm sorry to hear you were unable to get in; well, were not willing to part with 400 dollars.

Given my 'careful' financial situation I accept the fact that I can pray at The Alter of Kraftwerk from home. (How would one say that in German? "Der Altar Die Kraftwerk"?)