Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Last night I finished reading the novel "Dreamspeaker". Written by Cam Hubert, the book is as touching as the tele-film version I saw back in January of 1977 on the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) anthology film program "For the Record".

I don't think I've seen the film since that time but the novel strikes me as being a more-or-less direct adaptation of the film script -- it was freaky how I would often anticipate the upcoming 'scene' or bit of dialogue just before it was revealed in the book. That makes me think the original film made quite the impression on me.

I posted a blog entry a few days ago (here) wherein I mentioned that once I read the book I would probably want to again see the Claude Jutra-directed Dreamspeaker film: Looks like my guess was correct.


Greg Woods said...

you're welcome

Barry Smight said...

Thank you!

I was actually aware of the film being on there, but I forgot to say that's where I'm off to get my fix.

You are my supplier....