Sunday, July 14, 2013


Currently I'm reading the book "Digital Babylon - Hollywood, Indiewood & Dogme 95" (by Shari Roman). There is no need for me to elaborate or explain what the book's theme is, since its full title gives it all away.

About an hour ago I started reading an interview with Dogme 95 co-creator and director, and general film director, Thomas Vinterberg. This question was asked by Ms. Roman...

"Have you been seduced by Hollywood?"

To which the writer/director of The Celebration (1998) responded...

"To suddenly have access to bigger budgets and bigger possibilities is very tempting, but creating good stories is something you can't buy with money... Of course it is an important center of the world, but sometimes with so much money, the stupidity of a project is completely ignored."

Brilliant. In an LMAO way.

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