Wednesday, July 17, 2013


What episode of Space: 1999 (1975-77) should I watch next? In perpetuation of my Space: 1999 theme, I should screen another episode and comment.

"Earthbound" I watched then discussed briefly (here) the other day and noted that that episode is one of the rare outstanding installments of the forty-eight, so to contrast maybe I should watch one of the worst of the pack: While there are a few, the one that comes to mind is "Ring Around the Moon". Nothing comes close in the Space world to that one for general poorness. (Star Trek has "And the Children Shall Lead".)

So, unless one of my devoted readers can suggest a better pick than "Ring Around the Moon" then that's what I'm going to view tonight at "eleven". Stay put for the review in a day or two; or feel free to tell me that my final choice from 'bad Space: 1999 episodes' is the wrong one.

Addendum: I watched "Ring Around the Moon" a few months ago. I guess that episode could be classified as a guilty pleasure.


Greg Woods said...

Dragon's Domain! That scared the pants off me as a kid. Or if you have the stamina for a two-parter, "The Bringers of Wonder" from the second season.

Barry Smight said...

Thanks for the suggestions. The only thing is I wanted to watch a worst-of-the-pack story. And Dragon's Domain and The Bringers of Wonder are too tops for that.

I will do the third and final Space: 1999 episode screening on the weekend and pick one of the two you mention.