Friday, July 5, 2013


We've all been annoyed or upset at some rude cellphoners. You know the kind, people who talk and talk and talk on their cellphones, with no regard to those unfortunates around them... including sales clerks who are trying to serve them.

A woman who works as a cashier at a Sainsbury's (the Loblaws of the U.K.) store in London refused to serve another woman, recently, who would not get off her cellphone for one bleedin' minute to transact courteously at the check-out counter. Good for the clerk! And shame on Sainsbury's for apologizing (apologizing?!) to the "customer". As it turns out, social media has sided with the bold actions of an employee of the evil empire. There has been a vocal "shame on Sainsbury's for siding with such a rude customer".

I've never worked the sales desk in title but I did work at a job where I would fill-in by manning the counter. You know what? I did the same thing one time, but the male cellphoner gave me no static after I said, calmly, "sir, I will serve you when you are finished with your call". Again, he was fine. What I executed, perfectly, is the "asking for it" method of client services, but he did not react in the way I expected, and was all too ready for; he simply -- and quickly -- finished his call and "properly" presented his credit card. Things were fine.

Maybe he reacted with no reaction because he saw, across the counter, one mean-looking bastard! (It may have been my Manchester United scarf which I've been known to wear, even inside, in order to show my colours. It takes a brave bloke to voluntarily tangle with a Man Utd supporter.)

Seriously, it's a skill -- one of the few I have.

Toronto Star...
Where do you stand on cellphone etiquette?


DonaldAR said...

Ironically, "Smart Phones" are the favourite pacifier of "dumb people." Lack of cell phone etiquette is yet another facet, albeit a huge one, of the lack of courtesy rampant across society today. I avoid attending films in regular theatres due to such obnoxiousness. Three young cretins seated below us at a recent film not only refused to stop viewing their smart phone screens, but brightened them up to taunt us! Needless to say, they narrowly avoided surgery (on a cellular level) when the nice young security guard intervened and threw them out. Well, that, and the fact that the wife had me in a sleeper hold; so she wouldn't have to bother bailing me out later...

Barry Smight said...

Pure bullshit! "Cretins" is correct. Why are they even in a movie theatre to begin with?

"... they act like it's their living room, with no regard to all the people around them." I've heard that many times in the last few years; from experts and civilians.

Thanks for you comment, and story.