Tuesday, July 16, 2013


This just in: Sun Media Corp, the right-wing mouthpiece corporation, has announced they are closing eleven newspapers. The sad news is that 360 jobs will be lost. Newspapers are in trouble, as a general rule, but I have no sympathy for an organization that prides itself on being clueless.

That is no way to build readership.

Toronto Star...
Sun Media closing 11 papers, cutting 360 jobs


Greg Woods said...

LOL. What do you really think Mr. Smight? Don't sugarcoat it.

Barry Smight said...

I think... they're precious. I like having them around, shooting-off, simply because they make me feel reasonably intelligent. And that, my friends, is quite the accomplishment!

DonaldAR said...

I love how job and livelihood losses (and often devastating career derailments) are described as cost "savings." I guess this type of de-humanising language should come as no surprise in a country that elected the Harper Reich.

Barry Smight said...

You are correct. "Savings" is a code-word for "increasing shareholder profits". They who never lose. Their cottages await in the Laurentides, unblemished by the unwashed masses.

Thanks for your shrewd comment!