Friday, July 12, 2013


Martin, Barbara, Gerry, and Sylvia -- March 14th, 1974.

As part of my unofficial Space: 1999 stream of blog postings I thought I would look for some Youtube video on film and television producer Sylvia Anderson. And that is exactly what I found; not only that but a vid file that was uploaded just three weeks ago, courtesy of Youtube user "Beau Watts".

Ms. Anderson is very candid about problems she had with Martin Landau and Barbara Bain on the first season/series of Space: 1999. (She left at the beginning of the second year.) Things got off to a bad start, some would say the show jumped the shark at this point, when the husband-and-wife team, fresh from Mission Impossible, was chosen to headline ITC's new space series. ITC chairman Lew Grade insisted that Landau and Bain lead the tales of Moonbase Alpha; Sylvia Anderson disagreed with this decision. She was right, I think, and also in her quest to assign actor Robert Culp as the series lead.

She also talks briefly -- as edited -- about the previous Anderson live-action series UFO, a far superior program to Space: 1999, in my opinion, and also about their 1969 feature film Doppelganger (Journey to the Far Side of the Sun).

I love this woman. Getting a chance to "have lunch" with her in order to hear all the wonderful stories of her career with and without her late ex-husband Gerry Anderson would be pretty amazing, I think.

Sylvia Anderson Space: 1999 Interview

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