Thursday, July 4, 2013


"What do I see now? I'm not sure."
Former historian and freelance writer Paul Pirie has penned an Op-ed for the Washington Post titled, provocatively enough, "The American Revolution was a flop".

While the piece is not "anti-American", which some U.S. Patriots would scream or boil after seeing that headline, and some of them may even try to read it, there is a 'perspective' worth considering.

Mr. Pirie recites some sobering statistics ("more than 2 million people were incarcerated in 2011... the United States ranks first in the world in the number of prisoners per 100,000 residents") and notes, courtesy of a report co-authored by economist Jeffery Sachs, that for all the U.S.'s immense technological and economic progress over the past half century there don't appear to be matching gains in the "happiness of the citizenry". People of that great country are reportedly anxious, caught in a maelstrom of social and economic inequity, and lack confidence in their government. Keep in mind that "Americans" don't have the rights to these concerns, but traditionally they have considered themselves to be blessed and privileged.

The last two paragraphs from Paul Pirie's editorial are sobering, but, as far as I'm concerned, hopeful. Explore Founding Father Thomas Jefferson's declarations and visions for a nation above all; and a nation, above all.

The American Revolution was a flop

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