Friday, July 19, 2013


For those of us who reside in Toronto's lovely "Annex" neighbourhood, Honest Ed's discount department store, on the south-west corner of Bathurst and Bloor, is part of the scene even if many area residents hardly step inside its sprawling interior. I've been in there a lot lately to pick up food like rice and pasta.

This past week it was announced that Honest Ed's has been put on the market for any interested buyers, even if the building itself will probably not be the drawing card... wink, wink.

Translation: A developer will snap-up the building and announce that they plan great things for the Ed's discount brand name; further translation: 'They' will turn around, demo the structure and build a condominium tower complex.

Hopefully this secret plan will be thwarted by the city and the local residents' association.

And then I woke up....

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