Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Commenter "Jon" mentioned The New Avengers as part of his response to my posting, "70s Space: 1999 and 60s Italian Space Opera" (here), so I thought I should look up the 1976-77 reboot series' opening titles on Youtube.

And there they were.

The episode in particular of The New Avengers from which this titles clip was pulled is "Angels of Death". For you trivia junkies: This installment was directed by cameraman Ernie Day (A Passage to India) and co-written by Terence Feely, who wrote arguably Space: 1999's best episode, the satisfyingly pulpy two-parter "The Bringers of Wonder".

Composer Laurie Johnson reworked his Avengers theme for this new version; something that disappointed me when the series premiered as I had his original tune burned into my brain. The update title music lacked the romantic and exotic punch of the original, and took on an almost incongruous martial sound. A minor quibble, yes.

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