Friday, January 23, 2009


There was a period around 1974-75 where I would watch the television series Ironside every week. Raymond Burr played the titular character -- Detective Robert Ironside -- who was wheelchair bound after taking a bullet (described in the opening credits underscored by Quincy Jones' brassy music). A variety of character actors made up the constabulary underlings. Barbara Anderson and Don Mitchell were two of these... and Don Galloway was another. Galloway passed away on January 8th. As regular viewers of our favourite programs we naturally peg the continuing characters as certain types or representations. To me, Don Galloway was one cool Detective Sgt. Ed Brown; a man who barely ever cracked a smile and never failed to look as though he just stepped out of "makeup", "hair", and "wardrobe".

The busy actor appeared almost exclusively in television but did land a substantial part in 1983's landmark flick The Big Chill.

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