Friday, January 30, 2009


Tonight I went to see my first Toronto Marlies ice hockey game since they became part of the American Hockey League (and moved to Ricoh Colosseum). Ah, yes, ice hockey. See one live and you might be convinced there is no team sport like it: The match-up between Toronto and the Hamilton Bulldogs (which the Marlies won 4-2) was not a great game in itself but the evidence for my claim was. I am aware that American broadcaster Larry King is a big fan; he said something about the sound of the game... the sticks and puck on the ice. That there is, and the speed.

I have had a theory as to why ice hockey has slipped in popularity in the U.S. No matter what the 'league' of play, the sport has become faster and faster over time. This might be the real reason. That speed! Hockey players are in such great shape. The skill level is so high.

The game tonight...

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