Sunday, January 25, 2009


TVOntario at this very moment is playing the documentary The Art of Spain: The Moorish South. Host Andrew Graham-Dixon is an energetic host, carrying us through many examples of architecture, doing so with great enthusiasm and by applying mostly good English. Graham-Dixon is British. He actually said, a few minutes ago, in what context I do not remember, nor is it really important, the word "orientated". (Oar-ee-en-tay-ted.) What is it with British hosts? A few years ago, I was watching a music documentary hosted by then City of Birmingham Symphony conductor Simon Rattle, and in the man's voice over out came the word "orientated". I winced. A few months ago, I was watching the Canadian based home-sale (for lack of a better term) show The Unsellables; hosted by the incredibly lovely Sofie Allsopp... of England. In one 22 minute episode she uttered, three record-setting times, the word "orientated". I winced three record-setting times in 22 minutes.

Do the English no something we Canadians do knot?

Don't worry, Sofie, I'll save you from the evil English language!

Humour aside, this link will help answer the big question...

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