Thursday, June 25, 2009


I was running a little behind; had to meet a friend for around 6:30; thought I would turn on the laptop and go on the Net one last time to check the news before I flew out the door. There was a story on the Toronto Star website that caught my eye -- it was after all, given some prominence. It said something about pop star Michael Jackson being rushed to hospital. The story had been posted barely five minutes earlier. I read the blurb quickly: Paramedics had found that Jackson was not breathing.

Out the door...

Met my friend at 6:25 and mentioned the story a few minutes later; of course, he had not heard anything as he had been in transit. "Oh, let's see", as he popped open his laptop. We shot the breeze for a few minutes then he blurted out, "there it is, Michael Jackson dies".


Neither one of us was particularly shaken up by the news although there is no denying that Michael Jackson affected a lot of people.

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