Thursday, February 12, 2009


Oh, yes. A friend sent me link to this site and its respective Podcasts...

Up for grabs on the main page, at this time, is a Podcast -- number 44 -- discussing one of my favourite films, the 1969 science fiction opus Journey to the Far Side of the Sun (originally titled Doppelganger). This entertaining film has one of the best endings in any movie. Also on tap in the same show is a discussion of David Schow's outstanding book "The Outer Limits Companion", about the brilliant 1963-1965 television series The Outer Limits.

There are good Podcasts.

... although, rolling in at about the 45 minute mark of episode 44, I realize the two guys conversing (about Journey to the Far Side of the Sun) don't seem to be too well informed, in general. "Hubert Lom"? "Yes, Hubert Lom."... "Wasn't he in one of the Pink Panther movies?"; "I don't remember the name of the guy (who composed the music for Gerry Anderson's shows and the feature film in question)." Ahh, Barry Gray? (Guys, look at the DVD case!); "They shot a bunch of it at Pinehurst Studios, I believe."

Oh, boy.

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