Thursday, February 26, 2009


As noted previously on this blog, I have seen a couple of Toronto Marlie ice hockey games in the last few weeks. A Marlie by the name of Tim Stapleton was a major scoring force in both games I saw. I lost track of how many goals he pocketed but there were quite a few. Later, I found out that he was named AHL (American Hockey League) "player of the week" for that period of time and the whack of goals he provided within.

A few days after the second game I saw I told an AHL fan friend of mine that the Toronto Maple Leafs should call him up from their farm team and give him a spot on the team. I was rather mystified why this was not happening or why I was not even hearing any talk of the possibility. The mathematics were so obvious.

Two weeks have passed and I read this a few minutes ago on the Toronto Star website...

Now what was so hard about that?!

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