Monday, February 23, 2009


One of my favourite television programs is TVOntario's The Agenda, an outstanding public affairs hosted by the very -- more than -- capable Steve Paikin. He is one of those hosts who is in total control of his guests (of which there can be many, in the studio and as live video feeds) and the subject matter. His questions are frequently the "I wish he would ask" kind. Rarely do I feel that Mr. Paikin misses a beat or a point to be taken.

Having set up the above, I have to admit I take exception to his collecting over $200,000 (CDN) per year as salary. Come on, TVO! That is way too much money to be paying one person at a television network (and a small one at that). You have those donation drives from time to time. Put the money to better use than just lining the pockets of a few people who, as good as they might be, do not warrant such remuneration.

Time to get with the program.

(This is not the first time salaries at TVO have been an issue; fifteen years ago the Toronto media picked up on the fact that Steve Paikin was drawing $150,000 per year. The resulting story caused some real outrage.)

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