Thursday, February 5, 2009


Manufacturing crap is one thing, but to make a film like Polytechnique... Was it really necessary? By applying the art of filmmaking you are manufacturing (to even the smallest degree) sensationalism by default.

Globe and Mail...

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The Pope said...

It was necessary. Filmmaking, like writing, is about caring.
Issues and events that become part of the collective unconscious and the zeitgeist have to be addressed, put into context or made real for us again.

The same arguments can be made for or against any documentary about a tragedy - docs being a management or rearrangement of facts in their own right. The can also be made about any drama involving the holocaust as a backdrop.

They can be made about Elephant (largely about Colmbine) or Van Sant's latest Milk which shocked me because I didn't know the epecifics of how it played out.

There is good that can come also from people seeing how Bernardo worked in "Karla" and showing the mentality of the woman who is still walking around free.

It's a brave move to have made a movie about December 6. The flack will be expected, and should be disregarded by the filmmaker.