Saturday, February 7, 2009


"There's no life like it...
There's no life like it... "

The above was the dominant lyric line in the mens' chorus in the old 1970s television advert for the Canadian Armed Forces. Accompanying the song were various shots of Iroquois-class destroyers and their armaments and manoeuvres at sea. Those spots were pretty good, actually.

The newest ads for the "Canadian Forces" (note the name change) are not too bad, either. And I hate commercials. These versions are more gritty, with desaturated colours and muted tones forging a more serious bent in promoting our military. To be honest, they play more as a right-winger's fantasy than anything else. You know the approach: The world is being overrun by a bunch of creepy "terrorists"... as if we will have to confront an actual military force of tanks or aircraft!

As recent events have proven over and over, military machinery has little strategic influence over small groups of "rogue elements".

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