Friday, February 27, 2009


Now this is really interesting...

A French study shows that there can be a tendency for hostile men to amass a lot of pounds over time compared with their more laid-back brothers; they may also be less likely to pay attention to diet and exercise.

(While such research is always revealing, my fear is it runs the risk of stereotyping.)


DonaldAR said...

If you're not hostile in this day & age, you just aren't paying attention.
Grr! Wait 'till I catch ya after school, pansy!

Barry Smight said...

Arr, I'll fight you off with me pointed elbows!

You hardly fall into the obese type, discussed by the article, and you are no more hostile than moi.

The research is speaking of hostility in a broad sense: Fat and Angry! (Sounds like the ad campaign for a drive-in movie. "And nobody understands him but his woman.")