Thursday, February 5, 2009


The Buffalo Sabres hockey club blew the visiting Toronto Maple Leafs away last night by a score of 5 - zip. Toronto off-and-on-again Justin Pogge is back down to the minors: The American Hockey League's Toronto Marlies.

I watched highlights of the game and saw that Pogge made a list of great saves -- many in breakaway situations -- in spite of the Leafs loss. Is that organization so bereft of ideas or management skill that they adjust on a game to game basis? Pogge has been up and down between the two teams as much as he has been up and down on the ice trying to stop a deluge of shots blown through or around the useless Maple Leafs defence.

Poor guy. The Toronto Maple Leafs organization -- or lack of -- is about as inept as they come.

Just what is their fucking problem?!

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