Sunday, February 15, 2009


Got together with some friends tonight for some much needed beer. After a few discussions, friend Chris changed the subject and asked me if I was intending to see the upcoming Star Trek movie. He might know that I have not seen a Trekkie movie in the theatre since 1991 (and saw Generations on video -- crap film). Fair question it is but... nnnn, no.

The original series is enough. And I have only Season 1 of that one on DVD.

(Chris feels that J.J. Abrams will do a good job on re-imaging Star Trek. Someone has to, 'they' have been making the same shit for years and years. And it is obvious very few people wanted to see the so-called "Next Gen" crew on the big screen, outside of the core fans. Those particular features did generally fair to poor biz at the box office. One brilliant move Paramount Pictures did was deciding to jettison the Next Gen crew and explore the "classic" crew, even though they will be portrayed by different actors.)


enjonze said...

This is a case where a prequel might actually work, freeing JJ and gang from the albatross of continuity, which is something I think sci-fi and comics fans worry WAAAAAAAAAY too much about. Is it a good story? Yes. Is it true to the essence of the characters? Yes. Is it respectful of the orginal intent or does it extrapolate on ideas of the original? Yes. Then why do you care that Kirk's outfit is the wrong shade of yellow?

Barry Smight said...

I agree on all your points. The continuity issue is only an issue with the die-hard fans. The pressures of television production often paint later producers of "Star Trek" into a corner, once something is decided in a script... a factoid, a piece of trivia. As a less than casual viewer, I really do not give a rat's ass whether something 'happened' in episode 37 of "Too Much Star Trek".

As far as I'm concerned, Paramount and the Trek producers can work with an almost clean slate. "Yup, there's that ship with the saucer and tubes; there's the guys in the pull-over shirts; and there are those people with the pointed ears... yup, it's Star Trek, all right."

The live-for-Star Trek fans can bugger off, as far as I'm concerned. This movie ain't for you, unless you want it too be.

(A huge, huge number of people like Trek; but the one's we hear about, or think of, are the die-hard kind, and their numbers aren't enough to propel a film to box office heights. The first movie in the franchise (1979) is still by far the largest money maker when inflation is accounted for. It was the first and, admittedly, wasn't contaminated by one big inside joke like a lot of the others were. Like that film or not, it was the first -- and a novelty for regular movie-goers.

"Geek mode, off."