Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Another Terminator film is being made. What would that be, the fifth one?



The Pope said...

There was something more to explore. Terminator Salvation and its sequel take place during the future war between humanity and the machines, without the time-travel element. The themes and scope are interesting enough to support these films, in theory. It isn't like snapping up Julian Grant's Robocop IV and V which were also made back to back. There are some heavy hitters in these new films. When I heard of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles I was a non-believer; after watching a few episodes I had to give it some respect. It isn't a slap-dash knock-off coasting on iconic images; they met the challenge. Of course, for those who haven't been interested since the first Terminator and it wasn't for them. . .what can I say? Plenty of Lost In Space re-runs for them.

Barry Smight said...

"Terminator 2" was good. Screw "Lost in Space" reruns... don't think people who eschew 'Terminator' sequels would be contented with that TV series. I would say (original) "The Outer LImits" for them. (Back to some inspirational material. Eps: "The Man Who Was Never Born", "Soldier", and "Demon With a Glass Hand".)