Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Only just now did I find out that Heath Ledger won the Oscar for his Joker portrayal in The Dark Knight. In all honesty, I had forgotten about that whole issue of whether or not "The Academy" would award the actor, posthumously, for his superb -- from what I've heard -- spin as Gotham City's heinous henchman The Joker.

As much as I do not care about the Oscars I do find it odd that you no longer hear "water cooler talk" about the ceremonies the following day. This must be the second or third year in a row where absolutely nobody has asked me "did you watch the Oscars last night?"; nothing to that effect even within ear-shot. Have times changed that much? I do realize a big factor is how popular the litany of films is for any particular year, but the ratings have been down to big lows in recent years (although this year's are up a little).

Is the real reason because there are so many more distractions these days?

The straight story...

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