Saturday, June 15, 2013


Last month I posted a story (here) on the RAF Museum's plans to salvage a long-lost WW2 German Dornier Do 17 bomber which had ditched on the Goodwin Sands after being shot down during the Battle of Britain. The one known remaining example of the "Flying Pencil" was discovered back in 2008 to be more-or-less intact at a depth of about 15 metres under the waves.

As luck would have it, on Monday, June 10th, the salvage crew was able to lift the Dornier to the surface; the precarious nature of the operation caused just minor damage to the aeroplane (the wing-tips and some other parts fell off during the air-frame's ascent but will be retrieved later).

This is great news for air-buffs, like me. I've seen surviving specimens of German WW2 bombers, such as the Heinkel 111 and Junkers Ju 88, courtesy of the very excellent RAF Museum in Hendon -- the Dornier Do 17 will be a nice addition.

The National Post...
RAF Museum pulls Nazi ‘flying pencil’ from English Channel more than 70 years after it was shot down

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